Youth Lacrosse for Western Prince William County

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Which club should I register my child with this Spring?

Brigade Lacrosse serves those families within the western part of Prince William County and the City of Manassas.

When will Spring registration open?

Registration for the spring season usually opens in mid-November.  Be sure to join our mailing list so you do not miss any announcements or updates.

For questions regarding the Spring lacrosse season, please contact:

  • Boys' Program - contact Kevin Marsh, Vice Commissioner - Boys', at
  • Girls' Program - contact Brandon Morgan, Vice Commissioner - Girls', at

When will assessment begin?

We begin assessments in January.  Information will be sent via email and posted on our home page once the schedule is confirmed.  

What are assessments?

Assessments are an opportunity for our coaches to determine the level of lacrosse ability and/or skill in each player.  There will be assessments for each age group.  During assessments, players will participate in several different drills.  Players are encouraged to attend as many of the assessments that are appropriate for their age group so coaches can properly determine the child's ability and skill level.

How are the teams determined?

Once assessments have been completed, coaches will make their player selections. 

Teams are broken up into three types:  Our "A" level team is for our most advanced players.  The "B" level teams are for intermediate players.  The "C" level teams are for novice or less experienced players.  

If your child is selected for the "A" team, please expect a higher level of team commitment.  If your child intends to play more than one sport in the Spring season, you may want to consider not having your child play on an "A" team.

When are games played?
Games will be played on Saturdays or Sundays. There will be at least one weekend during the regular season when a team will play on Saturday and Sunday.  All game times will vary.

Spring 2023 Game timeline:  subject to change

  • The regular season game schedule will be posted no earlier than March 18
  • Games may be played on Saturdays or Sundays
  • There will be at least one (1) weekend where a team will play on Saturday and Sunday
  • Games will be scheduled the weekend of April 1 and April 2 (the first weekend of Spring Break)

Where are games played?
Home games are played in the Gainesville area of Prince William County typically at Gainesville Middle School. Away game locations are dependent upon the opponent, but are held in Northern Virginia.

How long is the season?

The first games of the 2023 season will be played the weekend of March 25 and March 26.  Teams will play an eight game regular season schedule over 7 weekends. Playoffs will be the weekend of May 20 and May 21.  NOTE:  Boys' 8U and Girls' K/2 will not participate in playoffs.   

Spring 2023 Season timeline:  subject to change

  • Preseason clinics - January 
  • Assessments (if applicable) – late January/early February
  • Practices - mid February
  • Games start the weekend on March 25 and March 26
  • No games the weekend of April 8 and April 9
  • Last weekend of regular season games - May 13 and May 14
  • Playoffs - May 20 and May 21  
    • ‚ÄčThere will be no playoffs for 8U.  There may be a "fun day" option for this weekend.  If applicable, details will be made availabe later in the season.  

When is the first practice?
Preseason clinics will start in early January 2023.  The first team practices will be mid February.  This is contingent upon field permits and when the county allows us to use their fields, as well as favorable weather conditions.  Once the coaches have made their player selections, they will notifiy their team regarding practice time and location.  Practices are usually two or three days a week, in the late afternoon or early evening.  There will be weekend clinics/practices in the early part of the season.  Practice schedules are not finalized until a week before practice begins.

Can I request a coach?
No, due to the amount of players in our league we are unable to accomodate requests for certain coaches.

What equipment will my child need?


Shoulder pads, elbow pads, helmet, stick, mouthpiece and protective cup (all of which must be provided by player)

All goalie chest protectors must be designed for lacrosse and meet the NOCSAE performance standard, ND200. All products that meet the NOCSAE standard, ND200, must be certified by the Safety Equipment Institute and include the NOCSAE Lacrosse label.

Beginning in 2022, all field players in the boys’/men’s game must have shoulder pads or protectors that also meet the NOCSAE performance standard, ND200.


Eye protection, mouthpiece, girl's stick (all of which must by provided by player)

All girls’ and women's eyewear must meet the current ASTM performance standard, F3077, and be certified to be legal for play. Look for the SEI mark on your product and check the SEI online listing for product certification.

Do you have a Summer league?

No, but there are numerous travel clubs throughout Northern Virginia which have tryouts for their summer and/or year-round programs. 

Do you have a Fall league?

No, but we do conduct lacrosse clinics which usually begin in September and run approximatly eight weeks.  Registration will open in August.