Youth Lacrosse for Western Prince William County

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Brigade utilizes the gorgeous Grizzly Sports Complex (GSC) as one of it's home fields.  The GSC is owned and operated by the Gainesville Haymarket Youth Football League (GHYFL) also known as the Grizzlies!
The Grizzly organization requests that visitors follow the below guidelines that deal with parking, driving and field use while at the GSC.

1) The speed limit upon entering the Complex is 20 mph.

2) The main gate is just wide enough to accommodate two standard size vehicles. Attempting to squeeze one large (SUV, truck) and one standard vehicle might cause an accident. Please be patient & take your time as you enter

the lot.

3) Be aware that there is a blind curve just before the main entrance into the Complex. It is important that you SLOW DOWN and be cautious as you enter the Complex by being aware of all pedestrians and other vehicles.

4) Vehicles must pull forward into the parking spaces, as trying to back in will take up more space. If the parking area is not utilized efficiently, families will be required to park outside of the Complex and walk to the fields

which is inconvenient and unsafe.

5) The small lot is reserved for DESIGNATED LEAGUE PERSONNEL, game officers, and overflow handicap parking ONLY. All coaches and player families are required to park in the standard parking areas.

6) Upon entering the Complex, LOT #1 is known as the Country Lot. This lot is the preferred parking lot for trucks, vans, SUV’s, etc. Please drive carefully during the rainy season or your vehicle can become stuck.

7) Drive BEHIND the Grizzly Den to enter LOT #3; depart LOT #3 in FRONT of the den.

8) During any given game hour, there will be approximately eight teams trying to enter or exit the Complex. The Complex Lots can become quite hectic with many moving vehicles and pedestrians (especially little children).

Please plan to arrive early and do not try to expedite your departure as any erratic driving during these times could cause severe accident and/or injury.

9) Please be patient and respectful as many teams will be traveling to the Grizzly Complex for the first time and do not know the layout.


1.CLEAR LIQUIDS are the only beverages allowed on the turf fields.

2. No food of any kind is permitted on the fields – this includes gum.

3. All tobacco and alcohol products are prohibited

4. Animals are prohibited.

5. Metal spikes/cleats are prohibited on the turf fields.

6. Profane language, boisterous behavior, or other objectionable behavior is prohibited.

7. Only authorized maintenance vehicles are allowed on the fields.

8. Weapons, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited.