Youth Lacrosse for Western Prince William County

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Ok…so you decided to manage a lacrosse team.  If you’ve never done this before it can be a very overwhelming feeling.  (Coaches if you haven’t found a manager yet, find a mom or dad and ask nicely…flowers/candy/BWW Gift card…nothing is overboard.  You NEED this position filled!)  Below are some simple hints and tips for getting started this season.   

First and foremost, make sure you or your coach has sent an email to the Brigade League Administrator at to have you assigned as the Team Manager. 

Teams Tab on the Brigade Site…your new best friend!

Get to know your Teams Tab…this is a fantastic resource and can do many things for you.  Some teams have used TeamSnap or SnapFish or any other outside source for team management, but our site is actually very handy.    The new League Athletics mobile application is called SI Play, which is available on all App Stores and is free.   The app is similar TeamSnap  and the families do not have to create a new account, they just use their League Athletics username and password.  Take a look and see if it works for your team.

  1. Log into your Brigade account using the Edit My Account link that’s found at the bottom of the BRIGADE HOME tab drop down list.
  2. Click on TEAMS in the top tab list.  Follow the prompts and go to your team.  You will see the homepage for your team on the web.  As the manager you can make changes to this tab and update it as often as you’d like.  Click the Green   or the Yellow Square to add or edit your home page.  If you want to leave something out there all the time then use the Green .  If you want to just edit what’s there use the square.  If you want to delete it and start fresh, use the Red Trashcan.
  3. On the right side you will see everyone that’s been added to your team.  If there is an assistant missing or something is incorrect.  Please email the Brigade League Administrator to make any necessary corrections.
  4. Below that you’ll see Events.  You can add practices, you can add snack assignments, you can add Team Building events, you can add birthdays…basically anything!
    1. Go hover over the TEAMS tab again and select Schedule.  On the right you’ll see Options.  Click it and select add event.
    2. You can add a practice (Games will add automatically when the season schedule is announced) on the tab that appears.
    3. You can add a General Event by clicking on that tab.  On this page you can add the snack family for each game day.
    4. Once populated, this will show up on the team calendar.
  5. The TEAMS tab also lets you see your roster and your contact information for Coaches.  If there is any information for a family that is incorrect such as phone numbers or email addresses, please ask that family to log into their personal account and make changes.  It can be done at any time.


What exactly did you sign up for?  Team Managers can do a little or a ton.  You’ll need to meet briefly with your coach to ask exactly what he/she needs from you.  Below are some of the basics.


  1. You should download the Code of Conduct and Medical Release forms on the DOCUMENTS page found under the BRIGADE HOME tab.  Please have every family fill them out and return to you or the coach.  If you have a veteran coach they may have already started this…if you have a newbie, they probably don’t know about it.  You can send this out via email to your families, or hand out hard copies at a practice.  But it should be done very early in the season.  These should be kept with the coach and brought to every practice just in case.
  2. You should send an email to your team introducing yourself and just letting them know you’ll be coordinating the season.  You might want to mention that they’ll be requested to perform Home Team Field Responsibilities and Snacks but that you’ll provide more info on that when the schedule is announced.
  3. Relax now.
  4. Once the game schedule is announced… you’ll need to make the snack schedule.  It’s up to you…have the parents volunteer for a day or assign a day and have them switch if needed.  Both are acceptable…do what works for you.  Publish it to your Events tab so everyone knows who’s on deck for each game.
  5. Uniforms will be distributed to coaches in March.  You can offer to help your coach but he/she may want to handle it.  Either way is fine.  Once distributed, if there are size discrepancies, ask folks to trade within the team before escalating to the league for assistance.
  6. Check out the Roster links that are on the Team Manager page.  Your coach may handle making his/her own exchange roster or you can help.  (This is one of the things you should ask in your meeting)
  7. Some teams make roster cards.  These are small, laminated cards with team information that can be placed on lanyards and worn by parents on the sidelines.  Usual information is Kids name and jersey number and Parent’s first names.  Nothing worse than cheering for the wrong kid or having to call your new friend "Dylan’s mom"!  Help everyone get to know one another!
  8. During the season you’ll be asked to assist with Picture Day.  Information will come out when that is upcoming.
  9. Feel free to set up off field get togethers for your team.  Talk to the coach first to see what they think, but it’s a good way to build relationships!
  10. Towards the end of the season start to think about a gift for your coach and/or a team party.  Talk to the coach about what type of party they might have in mind.  Talk to your parents about a gift and what they might be thinking of.
If you have questions, ask!

Try new things! Make this job your own. 
If you think of something amazing, send an email to the Brigade League Administrator
so that it can be added to this page for everyone else to follow in your awesome footsteps!

Thanks for signing up for this very important role in our league! 
We wouldn’t be anywhere without our Team Managers. (Seriously coaches…you NEED this person badly…go find them now!)