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by posted 04/05/2020

Good Afternoon Brigade families,


By now we have all learned that the NVYLL season has been cancelled.  While the decision to cancel the season is completely understandable givin the current situation, it is obviously very dissapointing as well.  I was very excited to see what this team was capable of once we got on the field against some of the other NVYLL competition.  The boys put in a lot of hard work in the winter and early spring and they should be proud of that.  We had just scratched the surface of what this team was capable of and I could tell that this was a special group of boys.  


While we did not get to announce it to the team, I wanted to let you all know that this year we were going to have captains and those boys deserve to know that they were picked.  These players were the most vocal during our early season practices and showed leadership at their respective positions.  Noah Callahan at attack, Owen George and Tyler Schmelzer on midfield and Reece Harrison on Defense.  Congrats to those boys!


For all of the 8th graders on our team, I am sorry that you did not get a chance to complete your last season with Brigade, but your journey is not over, for most of you it is just beginning.  One of our goals as coaches was to prepare you to play in high school.  I will tell you that the two things that can separate you from other kids trying out for your high school team are stick skills and conditioning.  These are both things you can work on throughout the summer.  Don't show up for High School Fall Ball rusty and out of shape.  Get to work!  

For the 7th graders, you have one more season with Brigade.  Go out and do the work so next year you can represent this years team as well as your current team.


Here is a link to a wall ball routine that you can do if you don't already have one,   This goes for long poles as well.  I know that wall ball can be a bit more tedious with a long pole. There's no issue with doing some of these drills with a short stick.  Get comfortable with both, the hand/eye coordination is the most important part of this.  Make it fun, see how many left hand you can get in a row, have (socially distanced) competetions with your friends.  There is a smart phone app called Snypr that will count your reps that I have heard is pretty good.  Lastly if you don't have enough lacrosse balls, I have an entire bucket from Brigade for this season, until Trevor asks for them back ;).  Reach out and we can figure out how I can get you 4 or 5 balls each if needed.  


Again, I just want to say how proud I am of these boys and the work they put in at the beginning of the season.  I have coached many of you since you were 6 or 7 years old and you have grown into young men and fantastic lacrosse players.  

To Coach Clint, Coach Daly and Coach Trevor, it has been an honor to share the field with you for the past many years!


Finally, I leave the boys with this, most of you played on our team for Fall Brawl, so as far as I can see it, the last time this group stepped on a field together we were CHAMPIONS!  Never stop working and see you all on the field when this is all over.  Please stay safe and healthy.


Coach Dan






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